Great Eastern Pocket Knives

Great Eastern Pocket Knives are made in Titusville Pennsylvania by Bill Howard and his incredible crew of fine artisans. These are, in the opinion of many knife collectors, the finest pocketknives made today in a production shop.

These knives are not wildly mass produced but rather are made in small batches where care and craftsmanship watch over each knife. Bill ensures that the materials on each knife are sourced within the USA. Even the bone on the handles is North American cattle bone that has been cut, shaped and jigged here in the US. There is only one man left in America doing that work and Bill has found him !  With the exception of foreign woods being used for handle stock you will find a Great Eastern knife to have been wholly sourced and made in the USA. 

Great Eastern makes knives under the Great Eastern, Tidioutte and Northfield Brands.

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